In construction and manufacturing, the quality of materials can make or break a project. This is where the Stainless Steel 310 Hex Bolt shines as a paragon of durability and precision. Manufactured by Vision Alloys, a leading name in the industry, this product represents the pinnacle of engineering and material science. Vision Alloys, a seasoned manufacturer and supplier, has consistently set the standard for excellence in producing high-quality fasteners.

What is 310 stainless steel?

310 stainless steel is a high-temperature alloy known for its outstanding resistance to oxidation and corrosion in elevated heat environments. With excellent strength, toughness, and weldability, it is widely used in furnace components, heat treatment apparatus, and other applications requiring reliable performance under extreme conditions. Its primarily iron, chromium, and nickel composition ensures durability and longevity in demanding industrial settings.

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Stainless Steel 310 Hex Bolts
  • UNS


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    ASTM A193 / SA193


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310 SS Hex Bolts

The Stainless Steel 310 Hex Bolt is crafted from premium alloy 310, known for its high chromium and nickel content. This composition ensures unmatched strength and resistance to high-temperature scenarios, making AISI 310 stainless steel a superior choice for demanding environments. Exceptional performance is its aisi 310 chemical composition. The material comprises approximately 25% chromium and 20% nickel, blended with a precise mix of manganese, silicon, and a modest carbon percentage. ASTM A193 composition not only grants the bolt incredible strength and heat resistance but also provides remarkable corrosion resistance.

The Stainless Steel 310 Hex Bolt adheres to stringent industry standards, ensuring compatibility and performance across various applications. It is available in the AISI 310 grade, meeting and often exceeding the required benchmarks for quality and durability in hex bolts. We have many more Hex Bolt products, such as Stainless Steel 316L Hex Bolts, Stainless steel 317L hex bolts, Stainless steel 321 hex bolts, etc.

We offer SS 310 hex bolts in various sizes and shapes, catering to the diverse needs of its clientele. Each bolt is engineered precisely, from standard dimensions to custom sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for every application. The meticulous design facilitates seamless integration and functionality, embodying the essence of professional craftsmanship. Despite the high-quality AISI 310 material and advanced manufacturing processes, we 310 stainless steel supplier ensures the products are competitively priced. By balancing cost-efficiency with superior quality, these hex bolts represent a valuable investment for any project.

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fevicon-logo SS 310 Hex Bolts Specification

SpecificationsASTM A193 / ASME SA193
StandardISO, ASTM, DIN, JIS, IS, GB, BS, and all International Standards
DiameterM3 to M100 up to 1000 MM
DIN StandardB.S. DIN 931, DIN 933, DIN 912, DIN 934, DIN 6923, DIN 603, DIN 7981, DIN 970, DIN916, DIN 7982, DIN 7985, DIN 913
ISO ISO 4033, ISO 4032, ISO 7380, ISO 4017, JIS standards
Threads UNF, BSW, BSF, METRIC, UNC, or as required
Surface CoatingBlack Oxide, Cadmium, Galvanized, Teflon, Xylan, Zinc, Others Upon Request
Manufacturing ProcessWire Drawing, Cold Heading, Insert tapping, Heat Treatment, Surface Plating, Inspection, Packing.

Features of 310 SS Hex Bolts

  • Exceptional Heat Resistance: Thanks to its high chromium and nickel content, Stainless Steel 310 can withstand extreme temperatures without losing strength or integrity. This makes it ideal for use in environments where lesser materials would falter under the heat.
  • Corrosion Resistance: The alloy 310 hex bolts composition provides excellent resistance to oxidation and corrosion. This ensures these bolts maintain their durability and appearance, even in harsh chemical environments or water and moisture exposure.
  • High Strength and Durability: The UNS S31000 stainless steel used in these hex bolts offers superior strength and durability. This means they can handle heavy loads and high pressure, making them suitable for critical structural applications where failure is not an option.
  • Versatility in Applications: Stainless steel 310 hex bolts are incredibly versatile and have various manufacturing sizes and precision. DIN 1.4841 can be used in everything from high-end automotive applications to industrial machinery and construction, proving their adaptability across various industries.
  • Economic Value: Despite their advanced features and superior material composition, these hex bolts are offered competitively. This provides excellent value for projects requiring high-quality fastening solutions without compromising the budget.

Why Choose Our Stainless Steel 310 Hex Bolt?

Selecting our stainless steel 310 bolts means choosing a product that combines strength, durability, and resistance to extreme conditions. These bolts are designed to meet the highest standards and are backed by comprehensive support and expertise from a reputable 310 stainless steel supplier like Vision Alloys.


  • Petrochemical
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Chemical Processing
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Marine
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food Processing

For those searching for a fastening solution that offers unmatched reliability and performance, the Stainless Steel 310 Hex Bolt is the answer. Its superior material properties, adherence to standards, and versatile applications represent a smart investment in your project's success. Contact us, your trusted alloy 310 distributor, to explore how our bolts can enhance your operations. Don't settle for less when you can secure the best with our AISI 310 equivalent fasteners. Your commitment to quality begins with choosing the right components – make that choice today.

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To preserve the high standards of our selection of industrial Hex Bolt, we have always adhered to a systematic quality management process.

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fevicon-logo Equivalent Grades Of Stainless Steel 310 Hex Bolts

SS 310 1.4841 S31000 SUS 310 310S24 20Ch25N20S2 X15CrNi25-20

fevicon-logo Chemical Composition of Stainless Steel 310 Hex Bolts

Grade C Mn Si P S Cr Mo Ni Fe
SS 310 0.015 max 2.0 max 0.15 max 0.020 max 0.015 max 24.00 - 26.00 0.10 max 19.00 - 21.00 54.7 min

fevicon-logo Mechanical Properties of SS 310 Hex Bolts

Density Melting Point Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
7.9 g/cm3 1402 °C (2555 °F) Psi – 75000 , MPa – 515 Psi – 30000 , MPa – 205 40 %

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Hex Bolt

SS 310 Hex Bolt

Heavy Hex Bolt

SS 310 Heavy Hex Bolt

Hex Tap Bolt

SS 310 Hex Tap Bolt

Hex Flange Bolt

SS 310 Hex Flange Bolt

Half Threaded Hex Bolt

SS 310 Half Threaded Hex Bolt

Fully Threaded Hex Bolt

310 SS Fully Threaded Hex Bolt

Hex Machine Bolt

SS 310 Hex Machine Bolt

Hex Shoulder Bolt

SS 310 Hex Shoulder Bolt

Hex Bolt Manufacturers In India

  • Hardness testing to ISO 6508-1

  • Nut proof load testing to ISO 898-2

  • Suitability for preloading to EN 14399-2

  • Calibrated gauges and tools

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Nuclear Industry
MEdical Industry
Marine Industry
Mining Industry
Automotive Industry
Construction Industry
Manufacturing Industry
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