Duplex Steel Products List

Welcome to our dedicated product page for Duplex Stainless Steel, proudly brought to you by Vision Alloys, your premier manufacturer and supplier based in Mumbai, India. Here, we explore the distinctive features, uses, and specifications of duplex stainless steel, a material renowned for its strength and corrosion resistance. Discover how our top-quality duplex stainless steel can solve your project needs.

What is Duplex Stainless Steel?

Duplex stainless steel is a type of stainless steel that combines the best attributes of austenitic and ferritic stainless steel. It contains a mixed microstructure of about 50% ferrite and 50% austenite, which gives it higher strength and improved corrosion resistance compared to other stainless steel types. This blend makes duplex stainless steel exceptionally strong and durable, able to withstand stressful and corrosive environments.

Duplex Material:

Duplex stainless steel is designed for applications that require strength and corrosion resistance. It is characterized by its high chromium, molybdenum, and nitrogen content. The unique composition of duplex steel provides remarkable resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion and enhances its toughness against stress corrosion cracking.

Duplex Stainless Steel Density:

The density of duplex stainless steel typically ranges around 7.805 g/cm³. This attribute contributes to its robustness and durability in demanding applications, making it a preferred material for heavy-duty environments.

Duplex Steel Properties:

Duplex stainless steel is well-known for its:

Duplex Stainless Steel Composition:

The chemical composition of duplex stainless steel generally includes:

What is Duplex Stainless Steel Used For?

Duplex stainless steel is used in a wide range of applications, such as:

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