Vision Alloys is the leading manufacturer of eye nuts in India, offering a wide range of sizes and standards. Our eye nuts are available in various materials and grades to suit diverse applications. Commonly used in construction projects including docks, bridges, highways, and residential buildings, eye nuts provide secure attachment points. We package our eye nuts in packs of various sizes as per customer requests, ensuring high-quality packaging to prevent damage during transportation and storage.

fevicon-logo What are Eye Nuts?

Vision Alloys is the leading manufacturer of eye nuts in India, offering a variety of sizes and standards it is also called as “i nut”. Eye nuts are essential in lifting and fastening applications, featuring a loop, or "eye," that securely attaches ropes, cables, or chains. Different eye nuts cater to specific needs, such as shoulder eye nuts for precise loads and straight eye nuts for vertical lifting. Understanding eye nut dimensions and sizes is crucial to ensure suitability for the intended load and application.

Adhering to eye-nut standards is critical for safety and efficiency in any project. These standards dictate manufacturing specifications, including material strength and load capacity, ensuring reliable performance under specified conditions. When selecting eye nuts, it's essential to consider their dimensions and ensure they meet the requirements of your lifting or securing tasks.

An eye nut is a fastener featuring a threaded shaft with a loop, or eye, at one end. It securely attaches to a structure, connecting ropes, cables, or chains for lifting or anchoring purposes. i-nut are widely used in construction, fastening, and industrial applications and offer durability and versatility. As a manufacturer and supplier, Vision Alloys provides a wide range of eye nuts crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring robustness and reliability for standard and custom specifications. Our eye nuts are competitively priced, starting from approximately $2.50 per piece or more for standard sizes. For bulk orders and custom requirements, please contact us for special pricing and discounts.

fevicon-logo Eye Nuts Specifications

Eye Nuts StandardDIN 582, ISO 3266, ASME B18.15
Eye Nuts Metric SizesM6, M8, M10, M12, M16, M20, M24, M30, M36
Eye Nuts LengthAs per standard or custom specifications
Eye Nuts MaterialsStainless Steel (SS 304 to SS 316)
Eye Nuts CoatingPlain, Galvanized, Hot Dip Galvanized, Zinc Plated, PTFE Coated
High Tensile Grades8.8, 10.9, 12.9
Eye Nuts FormingCold Forged, Hot Forged, Machined
Eye Nuts SubtypeRegular Eye Nuts, Long Shank Eye Nuts

fevicon-logo Eye Nut Stainless Steel Grades / Standards

SS 304DIN 582, ISO 3266, ASME B18.15
SS 316DIN 582, ISO 3266, ASME B18.15
SS A2-70DIN 582, ISO 3266, ASME B18.15
SS A2-80DIN 582, ISO 3266, ASME B18.15
SS A4-70DIN 582, ISO 3266, ASME B18.15
SS A4-80DIN 582, ISO 3266, ASME B18.15
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