Aluminum Bronze Fasteners are hardware components made from an alloy primarily composed of copper and aluminum, along with small amounts of other elements. The chemical composition of Aluminum Bronze typically includes 80-90% copper, 5-12% aluminum, 3-7% iron, and trace amounts of nickel, manganese, and other elements. The addition of aluminum to the copper base enhances the alloy's mechanical properties, making it suitable for various engineering applications.

One of the key features of Aluminum Bronze Fasteners is their excellent mechanical strength and wear resistance. The presence of aluminum results in a unique combination of high strength and toughness, making these fasteners ideal for applications that require robust and reliable components. They are particularly suitable for projects subjected to heavy loads, high pressures, or abrasive

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Aluminium Bronze Fasteners
  • Standard

    ANSI B 18.2.4 2M

  • Form

    Hex, Square, Round, Threading

  • ASTM

    ASTM B111 / SB111


Corrosion resistance is another significant advantage of Aluminum Bronze Fasteners. The alloy's composition provides good resistance to corrosion in both freshwater and marine environments. Aluminum Bronze Fasteners exhibit superior resistance to seawater corrosion, making them well-suited for marine applications and seawater-exposed structures, such as offshore platforms and shipbuilding.

Aluminum Bronze Fasteners are commonly used in various engineering and industrial applications. They find extensive use in the marine and offshore industries for fastening components that are exposed to saltwater and harsh environmental conditions.

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fevicon-logo Specifications of Aluminium Bronze Fasteners

Aluminum Bronze Alloy Fasteners Material Specification C63000 Nickel Aluminum Bronze Plow Bolts, UNS C62300 Bolts
Aluminum Bronze Fasteners / Bolts Standard DIN, UNI, ISO, JIS, GB, IS, BS, ASME, ANSI, ASTM and all International Standards
Size M3 to M90
Length 10mm to 1000mm
Length of C955 Aluminum Bronze Hex Cap Screw 3 mm to 200 mm
C614 Aluminum Bronze Bolts, Studs Threads: METRIC, BSW, BSF, UNC, UNF or as required
C630 Nickel Aluminum Bronze Allen Cap Screw Standard: ANSI – American National Standards Institute

  • ANSI B 18.2.4 2M
  • ANSI B 28.2.4 1M
  • Aluminum Bronze Alloy Stud Bolt length are defined in ASME B16.5 standard
  • Aluminum Bronze Hex nuts are defined in ASME B18.2.2
  • ASME B18.5

DIN: 931, 933, 934, 970 UTS – Unified Thread Standard: UNC, UNF, UNEF, UNS, NPT, NPTF ISO – International Organization for Standardization: ISO 4032, ISO 4033, JIS standards

Source of Raw Materials to Manufacture Cual10ni5fe4 Aluminum Bronze Socket Cap Screw Tata Steel, JSPL, RINL, Usha Martin, Dhamm Steel, Mukund Steel, etc.
  • Manufacturer of Hot Forged C955 Nickel Aluminum Bronze Hex Cap Screws, Nut / Bolt; up to M36 / 1-1/2” Dia, up to 1100mm lg
  • Manufacturer of CNC Machined Aluminum Bronze Fasteners, Nut / Bolt; up to M100 / 4” Dia, up to 1500mm lg
Uns C61400 Aluminum Bronze U Bolt in Form Of: Hex, Square, Round, Threading as per Gauge Etc.
Head Drive: Phillips, Slotted, Phillips/Slot, Six-Lobe, etc.
Aluminum Bronze Alloy Hex Bolt Thread Metric Coarse
Aluminum Bronze Bolting Test Certificate: Manufacturer Test Certificate as per EN 10204 / 3.1
Aluminum Bronze Fasteners Finishing: Zinc (yellow, white, blue, black), black oxide,
Geometry, Dacroment, anodizing, nickel-plated, plated zinc-nickel, Stainless steel: Passivated
Self-Color, Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG), Bright Zinc Plated (BZP), Sherardized, Mechanically Applied coating, and some special ones like DACROMET
Production Process M2-M24: Cold Forging, hot forging M24-M100, machining, and CNC for Customized connecting element
C62300 Aluminum Bronze Bolting Materials Surface Coating:
  • Teflon Coated Aluminum Bronze Fasteners
  • Phosphate Coated Aluminum Bronze Alloy Fasteners
  • Zinc Coated Aluminum Bronze Fasteners
  • PTFE Coated C61400 Aluminum Bronze Fasteners
  • Xylon Coated C63000 Aluminum Bronze Fasteners
  • Cadmium Coated C614 Aluminum Bronze Fasteners
  • Hot Dipped Galvanizing Coated C959 Aluminum Bronze Fasteners

Manufacturer of all surface finishes in Aluminum Bronze Washer including Zinc, Galvanized, Sherardized, Electroless Nickel, Dacromet, Geomet & PTFE.

C63000 Nickel Aluminum Bronze Bolts Types Aluminum Bronze Alloy Hex Bolts, Flange Bolts, Hex Head Bolts, Lag Bolts, Square Bolts, Eye Bolts, U Bolts, T Bolts, Countersunk Bolts, etc.
C955 Aluminum Bronze Nut Types Aluminum Bronze Alloy Hex Head Nut, Eye Nut, Dome Nut, Wing Nut, T Nut, Panel Nut, Lock Nut, Coupling Nut, Square Nut, Acorn Nut, etc.
Aluminum Bronze Alloy Screws Types Aluminum Bronze Alloy Hex Head Cap Screws, Socket Set Screws, Anchor Screws, Blind Rivet, Socket Head Screws, Concrete Screws, Shoulder Screws, Panel Screws, Threaded Screws, Machine Screws, etc.
Aluminum Bronze Washer Types Aluminum Bronze Alloy Machine Washers, Flat Washer, Star Washers, Sealing Washer, Lock Washer, Split Washer in India
Nickel Aluminum Bronze Alloy Fasteners Packing: IN BULK: canton, pallet, Small Box’s / carton/pallet, or customer request
Ready Stock Available Metric Aluminum Bronze Fasteners
  • Aluminum Bronze Alloy Bolts M16 x 65mm DIN933
  • Aluminum Bronze Bolts M16 x 45mm DIN933
  • C61400 Aluminum Bronze Hex Nut M16
  • C63000 Aluminum Bronze Washer M16
  • C614 Aluminum Bronze Bolts M16 X 60mm
  • C959 Aluminum Bronze Bolts M16 X 55mm
  • C62300 Aluminum Bronze Bolts M16 X 35mm
  • C63000 Nickel Aluminum Bronze Bolts M12 X 90mm
  • C955 Aluminum Bronze Bolts M12 X 70mm
  • C630 Nickel Aluminum Bronze Bolts M20 x 70mm
  • Cual10ni5fe4 Aluminum Bronze Bolts M20 x 75mm

Additionally, they are utilized in chemical processing plants, where their corrosion resistance and mechanical strength are valued for equipment and components handling corrosive fluids. The construction industry also benefits from Aluminum Bronze Fasteners, using them for structural elements, connectors, and fasteners that require a balance of strength and corrosion resistance.

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Aluminium Bronze Nuts


Aluminium Bronze Bolt


Aluminium Bronze Alloy Washer

Stud Bolts

Aluminium Bronze Stud Bolts

Hex Bolt

Aluminium Bronze Alloy Hex Bolt

Threaded Rod

Aluminium Bronze Threaded Rod

Anchor Bolt

Aluminium Bronze Anchor Bolt

Spring Washer

Aluminium Bronze Alloy Spring Washer

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  • Hardness testing to ISO 6508-1

  • Nut proof load testing to ISO 898-2

  • Suitability for preloading to EN 14399-2

  • Calibrated gauges and tools

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Aerospace Industry
Nuclear Industry
MEdical Industry
Marine Industry
Mining Industry
Automotive Industry
Construction Industry
Manufacturing Industry
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