Incoloy 825 Flat & Spring Washer, also known as UNS N08825, is a nickel-iron-chromium alloy with additions of molybdenum, copper, and titanium. It is part of the Incoloy family of alloys and is known for its excellent corrosion resistance in a variety of environments, particularly in aggressive, high-temperature, and corrosive conditions. Incoloy 825 is often used in applications where resistance to sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, and other harsh chemicals is required.

Flat Washer and Spring Washer are types of washers used in various mechanical and construction applications. Here's a brief explanation of both types of washers and how they can be made from Incoloy 825:

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Incoloy 825 Flat Spring Washers
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    ASTM A 408 / SA 408


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Incoloy 825 Flat Washer (UNS N08825):

A flat washer is a thin, flat, and circular metal disc with a hole in the center.

Incoloy 825 flat washers are typically used to distribute the load of a threaded fastener (such as a bolt or screw) over a larger surface area.

These washers can provide protection to the material being fastened and reduce the risk of surface damage due to pressure and friction.

Incoloy 825 is suitable for flat washers because of its excellent corrosion resistance properties. It can be used in applications where exposure to corrosive environments is a concern.

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fevicon-logo Incoloy 825 Flat & Spring Wahers Specification

Standard : ASTM A408 / SA408
Dimension : ASTM,DIN, BS,GB, IS and all International Standards
Diameter : M2 to M100
Heat Treatment : Annealing, Stress Relieving, Case Hardening, Quenching and Tempering.
Type : Plain Washer, Spring Washer, Tooth Washer, Tapper Washer, Tab Washer, Star Washer etc.

Incoloy 825 Spring Washer (UNS N08825):

A spring washer, also known as a lock washer, is a type of washer with a slightly conical shape. This shape allows it to exert a spring-like force when compressed.

Spring washers are often used to prevent fasteners from loosening due to vibration or thermal expansion/contraction. They create tension and provide a secure connection.

Incoloy 825 spring washers are ideal for applications where high-temperature and corrosive conditions may cause traditional materials to deteriorate. Incoloy 825's resistance to corrosion and high-temperature strength make it suitable for these washers.

Incoloy 825 is a suitable material for both flat washers and spring washers in environments where corrosion resistance and temperature resistance are important factors. These washers would be used in a variety of industrial applications, including chemical processing, petrochemical, and marine applications, where exposure to corrosive substances is a concern. The choice of washer type (flat or spring) and size would depend on the specific requirements of the application.

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fevicon-logo Equivalent Grades Of Incoloy 825 Flat & Spring Wahers

Alloy 825 N08825 2.4858 NFE30C20DUM NiCr 21 Mo NCF 825 NA 16 ЭП703 XH38BT

fevicon-logo Chemical Composition of Incoloy 825 Flat & Spring Washers

Grade C Mn Si S Cu Fe Ni Cr Al Ti
Incoloy 825 0.05 max 1.00 max 0.5 max 0.03 max 1.50 – 3.00 22.00 min 38.00 – 46.00 19.50 – 23.50 0.02 max 0.06 – 1.20

fevicon-logo Mechanical Properties of N08825 Incoloy 825 Flat & Spring Washers

Element Density Melting Point Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
Incoloy 825 8.14 g/cm3 1400 °C (2550 °F) Psi – 80,000 , MPa – 550 Psi – 32,000 , MPa – 220 30 %

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Flat Washers

Incoloy 825 Flat Washers

Plain Washer

Incoloy® Alloy 825 Plain Washer

Thick Flat Washer

Alloy 825 Thick Flat Washer

Spring Washers

Incoloy Alloy 825 Spring Washers

Thin Flat Washer

Nickel Alloy 825 Thin Flat Washer

Wave Spring Washer

825 Incoloy Wave Spring Washer

Square Spring Washer

Incoloy 825 Square Spring Washer

Split Spring Washer

Incoloy Alloy 825 Split Spring Washer

Washers Manufacturers In India

  • Hardness testing to ISO 6508-1

  • Nut proof load testing to ISO 898-2

  • Suitability for preloading to EN 14399-2

  • Calibrated gauges and tools

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Aerospace Industry
Nuclear Industry
MEdical Industry
Marine Industry
Mining Industry
Automotive Industry
Construction Industry
Manufacturing Industry